Best Ethic


One of so many, that a system wheel? He’s an activist!

I’ve created Best Ethic to change everything right now.

As the name suggests Best Ethic produces according to the best ethics.

The only motivation for each of my investments is to help make this world fairer and healthier.

Talking doesn’t cook rice and singing that you want to change the world for three minutes doesn’t change it. So I stopped singing and started in production channels that changed things concretely.
Biocoton Logo - All Organic Cotton
Producing in accordance with people and the environment should be natural but these principles have been so forgotten that in places certifications are necessary.

So I am committed to selecting the best manufacturing circuits as close as possible to the interests of all stakeholders.
When no certification appears it is because I am in direct contact with the producer or producers.

Consuming Best Ethic is a militant act. Dressing up in your values is an investment.

Best Ethic logo on organic cotton black T-shirt

Born from a concept developed in the year 2007 of the Gregorian calendar, Best Ethic sold its first T-shirts more than ten years ago. I still carry many of my first clients as well.

We have therefore tested the quality of these and now know the best marking techniques that are most resistant to washing, wear and time.

Nothing is the comfort of a Best Ethic other than another Best Ethic. Nothing original? Actually! The best ethics give you the best comfort. What could be more precious than covering what covers his soul… his body?

With your Best Ethic sleep on your stomach and back…

By being sure that no one broke his to create what caresses yours …